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Dental Care in Costa Rica

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Welcome to Americas Dental Care -Costa Rica

Dental Implant Experts with tens of international satisfied patients
Dental Care Costa Rica

Medical Compromise

We are committed for care with our expertise in medically comprised patients. No matter your medical issue, we will have a solution for improving your quality of life.

Dental Care Costa Rica

Implant Dentistry

We can help you improve your self-esteem with the smile you deserve. Our specialized dental team will make your dream smile come true.

Dental Care Costa Rica

Cosmetic Dentristry

We work with the finest dental materials and state-of-the-art equipment within our personal dental lab to create predictive and dazzling smiles.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Joseph Nastasi Richard P. Taft
    I am from Florida “senior citizen who needed major dental work”. After receiving several local quotes and talking with friends who have had such work done out of the country in Costa Rica did some significant web research and were astounded by the huge savings and extremely professional and high quality care that is available in that country. Because of that research I focused [Read More]
  • Joseph Nastasi Lynne Montgomery
    We are Florida senior citizens who needed major dental work. After checking prices and doing research, we decided to go to Costa Rica. After contacting a few recommended dentists, we found Dr. Juan Donato at Americas Dental Care. They work as a team to provide excellent individual service—no big clinic, a Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Implantologist and his collaborators. [Read More]
  • Joseph Nastasi Erick T. Fountain
    For me an hour in the dentist chair is too long, much less each day for a week. But my experience with Dr. Donato was amazing. I had extensive reconstructive work done that would have taken weeks and weeks to complete in the states, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars. These fine people got me all set up with transportation, hotel accommodations and even tourist adventures during my free time. [Read More]
  • Joseph Nastasi Joseph Nastasi
    I have a great experience with you guys. You work as a sensational team, they complement each other in every way. If you’re looking for fanatical, they just don’t go 100%, they go 1000%, I am so impressed the way they work on me, they don’t left rocks on term. Thanks for the great experience, as closer than a Doctor/Patient relationship. Don’t doubt on contacting me for any referral[Read More]
  • Cindy Wigginton Cindy Wigginton
    I never thought I’d say that I love my dentist, but I do! Dr. Donato was referred to me by another Costa Rican dentist. My husband and I had visited Costa Rica several years back and he cracked a tooth during he visit. We liked that dentist so much that we returned to Costa Rica, just to have some work done. But when we needed some extensive work performed, implants and bone graphing, our original dentist, who lives in a remote village, referred us to Dr. Juan Donato. [Read More]
  • Louise Wigginton Louise Wigginton
    My daughter convinced me to visit Dr. Donato this past year when I needed some major dental work performed. I live on a fixed budget and the prices that the American dentists were giving me were way out of line with what I could afford. I was hesitant at first, but with my daughter making the trip with me, I was quickly convinced that saving money was more important than worrying about flying out of country. We met at the airport since we were flying from two different cities. [Read More]
  • Cody Thalmann Cody Thalmann
    I have never liked going to the dentist but after meeting Dr. Juan and his lovely Anita my smile has never been so beautiful. Dr. Juan and his team have worked wonders on my smile, my teeth have never looked so great, he is gentle and precise. I am so thankful! I will never go to another dentist as long as he has me for a patient. He has been not only a great dentist but now a great friend. Another perk about coming here for dental work is getting to explore this beautiful country Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful. [Read More]

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