In the smile design treatment plan, we devise a treatment plan that is meant just for your smile; in other words, this treatment is purely customized to meet your specific needs.
There are a number of dental procedures that can be involved to completely design a smile that aesthetically fits your facial structure and your needs. For example, we may use one or more of the following procedures in combination to design a new kind of smile for you.
At Smile Design we will look not only at the individual teeth, and their problems, but at the person as a whole: his habits, the character of his face, his smile and aura. Using Smile Design we can achieve the smile of your dreams, your face will look younger and more attractive, sometimes treatment may include other related procedures as Botox and Fillers.
This approach is founded on precise rules, diagnostics, the treatment plan and its execution. It may be surprising, but there are rules for a achieving a beautiful smile, teeth and face.
“We change your smile and rejuvenate your face, in such a way that we can predict the outcome beforehand.”