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Dental implants are a miracle for people who have lost a tooth or several teeth. These teeth, artificial ofcourse looks exactly like real teeth. Another option are dentures but they are not durable. Dental Implants are done due to an injury, a disease, or just because of old age but the question is how old is too old for dental implants?
The truth is that no age is too old for dental implants if you are in good gum health and have proper jaw bone to support your brand new teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is ideal if you want to have a successfull dental implants.
Though age itself has been prove to be irrelevant, issues that are often more common with age can be limiting: bone loss, a phenomenon that naturally occurs with age, especially if teeth have been missing for a period of time. A dentist will analyse your bone structure through X-rays and CT scans, which are available on the premises, and determine whether or not you are naturally suitable for dental implants.

Dr Juan Manuel Donato Mata
Dr Juan Manuel Donato graduated as DDS in 2000, his passion for Dentistry and commitment for care took him to maked two Dental Deegres, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants, with postgraduate studies in Argentina,Germany, Austria and Spain between other countries, Dr. Donato is IAOMS Fellow, ICOI member, ADA member and actual Member of the Costa Rica Specialties Dental Board (CCDCR).

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