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Smoking is injurious to health, there are no doubts in that but does it affects dental implants? This is a big question so let’s discuss on this topic in more detail. So what happens when a smoker comes to you for dental implants? Would say no and turn your client back? Of course not, smoking makes dental implants complicated, yes. However it’s not impossible.
Smokers often do not do as well with dental implants as non-smokers. A person that smokes has decreased blood flow, so they do not heal also. A bone graft requires a smart blood offer, and smokers won't provide that. The body just doesn’t heal properly once you smoke.
Implants of smokers needs more care as they exist in an environment that is not suitable for them. Followings are some suggestions for smokers which will help them in dental implants:

Dr Juan Manuel Donato Mata
Dr Juan Manuel Donato graduated as DDS in 2000, his passion for Dentistry and commitment for care took him to maked two Dental Deegres, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants, with postgraduate studies in Argentina,Germany, Austria and Spain between other countries, Dr. Donato is IAOMS Fellow, ICOI member, ADA member and actual Member of the Costa Rica Specialties Dental Board (CCDCR).

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